"In 20 years of business
we've never lost a consignment"

The Quick As A Flash Difference!
Quick As A Flash Couriers are specialist Point to Point couriers located near Southport on the Gold Coast. We cover a broad area from the Tweed Coast through to the northern, western & eastern suburbs of Brisbane - this includes all areas of the Gold Coast and the corridor to Brisbane through Yatala.

Quick As a Flash Couriers has been serving the Gold Coast & Brisbane since 1991 and offer a high standard of friendly, efficient services based on the specific needs of the customer. Today it is one of the largest privately owned and operated courier services of its type on the Gold Coast.

Being a Point to Point courier we are able to carry what the others won’t!

Why?, Because your consignment stays on the same vehicle from pick up to delivery – completely minimising any chance of misdirection or loss or damage through multi-handling.

From envelopes and parcels, to skids and pallets, from General service to our Direct service, Quick As A Flash can handle it all! Talk to us today - with direct phone lines through to experienced service operators we are sure to be able to help you.

As your business reputation often stands or falls on your client service, it’s worth investing in the right couriers.

What Our Clients Are Saying...
"We use Quick As A Flash Couriers for anything from a single carton to multiple pallets. Their service is very friendly & helpful, and their ability to work in a timely fashion always leaves me feeling very confident" – Allan Edwards 2011
Why Use Us?...
  • bullet_pointDoor to Door service
  • bullet_pointNo double handling
  • bullet_pointNo misdirection… No loss
  • bullet_pointFriendly, courteous drivers
  • bullet_pointPersonal service – no computers talking
  • bullet_pointCompetitive rates

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